Thursday, July 18, 2013

Other great deals

Check out A Love Affair With Books. They have a list of new releases and some fantastic deals.

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Great deal on a HOT series

I read this series a while ago and it was HOT! They're now available as a box set for only 0.99. You won't regret getting these.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Too Close by Elizabeth Krall

Too Close Synopsis
What rules would you break for the one you love? What lies would you tell? Three weeks before their wedding day, Nicola and Greg discover that they may have the same mother. They met when Greg joined the San Francisco newspaper where Nicola is the travel editor. After six months, eager to start a life together and raise a family, they decide to marry. When Nicola finally meets his family in Seattle, and mentions the circumstances of her adoption, Greg’s horrified mother is forced to reveal the shameful secret she has kept for 36 years. As they struggle to deal with her revelation, their relationship is challenged and strained. If his mother’s suspicions are true, they will be forced into a devastating choice: break all of society’s rules and fight for their love, or break their hearts and give each other up. It will be the greatest test their newfound love has faced – and their love may not survive.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read this book a couple weeks ago and I have to stay it has stuck with me. I keep coming back to "how would I feel" and "what would I do?" if I or a friend was in that situation. I keep flopping back and forth on both sides of this moral dilemma.

In the book, Nicola and Greg fall in love and plan on getting married. When he takes her to meet his parents, his mother reveals a secret she has been carrying with her for years. She got pregnant many years ago and gave the baby up for adoption. She believes Nicola is her daughter she gave away.

Now things get interesting. I just couldn't put this book down. They decided to get a DNA test, but the results take 2 weeks. What would you do? Nicola and Greg are in love, they've been together for months. Do they just stop and wait for the results??? Do they continue as they have been and hope for the best? I can't imagine those agonizing 2 weeks. Of course, they are hoping they aren't related so they can get married and start the family they planned. But what if they are related? Then what?

Is Greg's mother also Nicola's mother? You're just going to have to read the book. Believe me, you won't be disappointed.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Heartless by Catou Martine

HeartlessHeartless by Catou Martine
The Synopsis:
Heather Redmond spent three years hiding from the world, her innocence lost and faith shattered. She’s mastered the art of forgetting the past. Now she’s ready to face the future. College is on the horizon, and she’s enjoying a quiet summer in LA. The last thing she’s prepared for is a hot guy jumping into her convertible while she's stopped at a traffic light. Josh Hansen is Heather's opposite. He's fearless and sexy, racing through life on his motorcycle. And he always takes a leap when Fate gives him a wink. He can't resist the wide-eyed, pretty blonde who seems afraid of the world. Josh is determined to push Heather's boundaries, body and soul. She's afraid of her awakening feelings, and wants to take things one step at a time, but Josh isn’t used to driving in the slow lane, and soon they are speeding into passion and love. When their darkest secrets come to light, Heather and Josh are forced to confront the painful past and either find forgiveness, or lose their love forever.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What can I say about this book.... maybe it was addicting? I couldn't put it down.

Heather has had a horrible past and is emotionally damaged. After the death of her parents, she went to live with her aunt and uncle who have left her home alone for the summer while they travel to Italy. She doesn't remember everything from her childhood and is working through things with her therapist. You learn bits and pieces throughout the story... the big shocker coming near the end.

I love how Heather and Josh meet. I would have panicked if that ever happened to me, just like Heather did. It was definitely memorable.

Somehow, Josh realized that Heather needs to be handled carefully. He is so kind and considerate of her. You can tell he really has her best interest in mind. First, he finds out he has a connection to Heather's past. Then.... he's dealt an incredible blow. I can't imagine either of them having to deal with the situation. Both of them have to deal with the fall out of the new development exposed during a therapy session.

I really enjoyed this book. I was addicted from the get go.

I received an ARC of this book from the author in return for an honest review.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Shine Not Burn by Elle Casey

Shine Not BurnShine Not Burn by Elle Casey

IT HAPPENED IN VEGAS. I can't be held responsible. Things that happen there are supposed to stay there, right? Right? Yeeeah. Not so much. Andie's just days away from tying the knot, but there's just one little glitch. Apparently, she's already married. Or someone with her name is married to a guy out in Oregon of all places, and the courthouse won't issue her a marriage license until it's all cleared up. Tripping her way through cow pies and country songs to meet up with a man who gets around places on horseback is her very last idea of how to have a good time, but if she's going to get married, make partner at the firm, and have two point five kids before she's thirty-five, she needs to get to the bottom of this snafu and fix it quick ... before her fiance finds out and everything she's been working toward goes up in flames

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received an ARC of this book in return for an honest review.

And my honest opinion is that I loved this stand alone book.

Andie's trip to Vegas was perfect... if only she could remember it all. Can you imagine finding out you got married on a weekend trip to Vegas two years ago and now you can't get the marriage license for the wedding happening in a just a few weeks. Now she has to go find the cowboy that gave her the best night of her life to get him to give her a divorce. Too bad he doesn't believe in it...

The entire first half of the book was devoted to Vegas. I was glad to have that background rather than trying to piece it all together. I think that helped me get to know the characters better. I loved Andie's assistant, Luke is an ass, and Mack is just dreamy.

As much as Andie fights it, Mack is committed to making things work between them. He knows she is the one for him. Andie must chose between Mack, her current husband she's trying to divorce, and Bradley, the perfect man for her... according to her life plan, not her heart. Which will she choose? You have to read to find out.

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

For You by Mimi Strong

For YouFor You by Mimi Strong


I should have known by the tattoos that Sawyer was trouble. My mother always said to stay away from boys with ink, but she ignored her own advice. She also abandoned me and my little sister. Life's been hard for the two of us, on the run and on our own, but I just turned twenty-one and started working at a bar in a new city. I wear a fake wedding band and a veil of lies. My gold ring didn't stop Sawyer. He looked into me with his heavenly green eyes, and I nearly forgot my pretty lies. Now he wants to help me get my life together. I should stay away, because he could blow my cover. When we get found—and I know one day we will—I want my sister to be old enough to handle the truth about our past. I may be hanging out with Sawyer, but we're definitely not dating. I swear, he's not setting me on fire with every glance or casual touch. We're just friends. I'm not thinking about him wrapping those tattooed arms around me, every second of every day.

My Review
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received this book as an ARC from the publisher a while ago, but it was good enough that I wanted to add it to my blog.

Once I started this book, I couldn’t put it down. I found Aubrey captivating and had to keep reading to figure out everything I could about her. She’s had a VERY tough life that you find out about in bits and pieces. And once you get all the pieces, you can understand her issues.

Sawyer is perfect for her. He is more than patient with her while she works through her issues before he even knows what those issues are. I could feel his devotion to her. Although I didn’t cry throughout this book, the ending did make me smile and left me feeling hopeful for them.

This is a stand-alone book, but according to the email from the ARC, there is the possibility of a sequel. I’m hoping there is, it would be worth reading. I’d like to see the future they make for themselves.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Fallen Crest High by Tijan

Fallen Crest High (Fallen Crest High, #1)Fallen Crest High by Tijan
The Synopsis: Mason and Logan Kade are two brothers who did their own thing. They were rich and expected to attend her school, Fallen Crest Academy. They chose public school and now Samantha has to live with them. The problem is that she doesn't care at all: about them, about her friends, about her cheating boyfriend, or even about her parent's divorce. But maybe that's a good thing. Maybe change is a good thing.

My Review
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was recommended to me by an author I'm following and I'm glad I decided to read it.. The characters sucked me in from the beginning, even though they are all high school students. As I'm reading it, all I can think was "I'm so glad I didn't have classmates like that". A lot of the kids seem to be on their on a lot of the time, including the three main characters, Samantha, Mason, and Logan.

Mason and Logan were slow to accept Samantha into their family, but she proved herself to them and all was well. Her and Mason relationship developed into more. Both boys and their friends did everything they could to protect Samantha from all the jealous girls at school. Let's just say there is A LOT of drama.

Samantha's mom takes the cake though. Someone needs to smack her across the head. She is so self-centered and controlling and Samantha suffers the consequences. We know there is something in their past that Samantha is trying to deal with, but we don't find out what it is in this book. You'll have to read Fallen Crest Family to find out the details. Just another reason why that woman needs smacked.

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