Monday, February 27, 2017

Repossess by Jennifer Foor Release Blitz #Review


From the award winning contemporary romance writer comes a new standalone romance, Repossess!


Raised by my four brothers, I'm the poster girl of a
hot-mess. A sucker for cheating assholes and shitty friends.
It's the reason I've come home.
The only reason!
I arrive to find the family business in shambles. My brothers have managed to run it into the ground. With new competition, the stakes are high, especially when I realize whose stealing all of the business out from under us.

Seeing him again isn't the hard part.
I'm over Crane Lord, his cocky, dangerous sex appeal, his criminal ways of getting by, and how he used to own every part of me.
He's the enemy. I don't want him.
I can't.


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This is one of those books that drove me nuts but I just couldn't stop reading it. I just wanted to smack Raimey and tell her to grow up. Any time there was a hick-up in her life, she ran. The first time, she not only ran, but she stopped all contact with her family for 4 years. Four long years. Now she is back, things aren't like she left them, and she is determined that she will make things right again. That's easier said then done.

The thing that got me in the story was the lies. She has been told so many lies. Lies that started years ago and kept building.  Lies that changed her life forever. Just when you thought everything was out in the open, you'd find out there was another lie being told. With everyone close to her lying, it would be hard to not feel like leaving them all behind.  At times, I really thought she might be better off alone again.

Jennifer Foor is an award winning Contemporary Romance Author. She's best known for the Mitchell Family Series, which includes ten books.
With over forty published titles, there is a story for every interest. Her books can be found on most platforms and in paperback.
She is married with two children and spends most of her time behind a keyboard, creating and writing stories straight from her heart.


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