Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Saving Michael by J.R. Wirth Cover Reveal

Saving Michael- Banner

TITLE: Saving Michael
AUTHOR: J.R. Wirth
GENRE: YA Suspense
Imprint/Publisher: Edge, Bison Publishing
RELEASES: May 3rd, 2016

Saving Michael - JR Writh - BISON PUBLISHING

Gabriel Rucker knows there is a storm brewing, and it’s more than just the dark, ominous clouds that hang over Sacremento, California. His step-brother, Michael Rucker, lives for trouble, and he has dragged their little brother, Aaron, down with him. Fearing that their children will end up in a prison far worse than in-school suspension, Shannon and Jenson Rucker turn to The Serenity Institute to tame their wild behavior. “Are you my angel, here to take me away?”Melissa Jenkins quickly became The Serenity Institute’s obvious successor after her father’s untimely death, but her heart was plagued by turmoil regarding what really happened there, and whether or not it was truly for the greater good of mankind.“One day you will have to fix all of this.”Twins, Daniel and Donnie Conan, are regular fixtures in the Rucker home due to their father’s unpredictable work schedule. Together, with Gabriel Rucker’s help, they uncover the many secrets their father holds, and it’s then that they know they have no choice.They must band together to save Michael.

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JR Wirth was born and raised in Southern California. Now hailing from San Bernardino, he was intimately affected by the recent terror attacks, but luckily his family escaped physical harm.
With several pieces published—including a poem and the bestselling series: “Twisted Family Holidays,” along with the epic paranormal, “In Passing,” J R. Wirth is an emerging author. The latest, young adult novel, “Saving Michael,” promises to be his best to date. Utilizing his extensive background in psychotherapy, J.R. exhibits a strong understanding of the emotions of a moment in time, as well as the inner workings of his characters. In all of his works, J.R. Wirth combines ordinary people with extraordinary circumstances to create characters will jump off the page and straight into the readers’ hearts and minds. Look for J.R. in Goodreads, Barns and Noble, and Amazon.

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