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Always and Forever by Harper Bentley Blog Tour #5star #Review

Title: Always and Forever (Serenity Point #2)

Author: Harper Bentley

Release Date: June 30, 2015

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Does wanting to slap the hell out of Brody Kelly make me a bad person? How about setting his hair on fire?

No, I'm not a psycho.

Yes, I AM angry.

See, a year ago, my sweet and sexy firefighter boyfriend and I broke up over something extremely ridiculous. We'd been together since we were sophomores in high school, but that was the end of that. Almost twelve years of that, mind you.

The looks he gives me tell me he still wants me. Our latest encounter has me thinking he's trying to win me back.

But I'm not willing to give in so easily.

I don't know why he used our argument as an excuse to break up, but I'm going to find out. I've lived in Serenity Point all my life and have connections and I’m not afraid to use them to get to the bottom of things.

What I am afraid of is finding something I won’t be able to handle.

He used to call me his Always and Forever.

But the secrets he’s keeping might tear us apart for good.

I have to say that I am so glad I read this book during my vacation. I received it on Wednesday night for a blog post on Friday. I started it when I crawled into bed and didn't close my eyes until I was finished. That's right, I read it in one sitting in the middle of the night. I was really surprised to find myself so engrossed in the book that I didn't care how late it was, I needed to know what was going to happen between Piper and Brody. Luckily I didn't have to get up in the morning to go to work.

I loved  Piper. She has such a fun, out going personality it was hard not to love her. Her witty comments add some comic relief to what could be a very tension filled story; keeping the book more light-hearted. The story starts with her one year after Brody dumped her for no apparent reason and she is finally to the point where she doesn't burst into tears when she sees him in public. It's that day he chooses to let her know that he misses her and that she is still his. The drama starts right off the bat. Drama that sucked me in immediately.

I didn't think very highly of Brody. What a jerk. If he truly loved Piper, he would have told her what was going on. Even if he felt like he couldn't be with her, he should have trusted her with the truth rather than let her suffer with the unknown for over a year. It's a small town, he knew what effect he had on her and it was totally unfair.

Even if I didn't like Brody very much, he seemed genuine in his quest to get Piper back and I was routing for their HEA. I just couldn't put the book down until I saw how all of it played out.

This book is part of a series, but can easily be read as a stand alone. There is no cliffhanger ending and no violence. The story is told completely from Pipers point of view. I can't wait to read more about the members of Serenity Point.

He’s ignored me when we’ve passed each other on the street, seemingly content in not even acknowledging my presence even though I’ve caught him staring at me every other time but always from a distance.

And now he says he misses me. And he says it on the day I didn’t tear up when I saw him and hoped it meant I was finally getting over him.

And now I’m chewing on my thumbnail, damn it.

I lower my arm and feel my hands ball into fists at my sides gritting my teeth because I want to bash his friggin’ face in then yell at him or vice versa. Either works. But then I remember myself, remember that I’m in my store and that anyone could come through the door at any time and I wouldn’t want to lose business because I’ve turned into a raging bitch. I breathe in deeply through my nose and let it out trying to calm myself which works for the moment. “You miss me…” I state quietly, my eyes narrowed as they remain locked on his.

I see his jaw muscles jump as he stares back at me. Then he nods slowly.

Well, this is just too much.

I huff out a laugh, putting my hands on my hips. “I think it might be too late, Brody,” I state a little snottily, seeing his eyes go hard upon hearing that. Whatever.

“What’re you saying, Piper?”

I shrug nonchalantly although every muscle in my body is tight. “I saw you walking to Mags’ earlier and to be honest, I felt nothing. After more than a year of wanting to cry every time I saw you, today that didn’t happen.” I shrug again to get the point across even as my heart’s beating a hundred miles an hour in my chest.

Harper Bentley has taught high school English for 22 years. Although she’s managed to maintain her sanity regardless of her career choice, jumping into the world of publishing her own books goes to show that she might be closer to the ledge than was previously thought.

After traveling the nation in her younger years as a military brat, having lived in Alaska, Washington State and California, she now resides in Oklahoma with her teenage daughter, two dogs and one cat, happily writing stories that she hopes her readers will enjoy.

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