Thursday, June 4, 2015

Iron and Blood by Auston Habershaw Promo

Iron and Blood

  Title:  Iron and Blood
  Author:  Auston Habershaw
  Series: Saga of the Redeemed #2
  Genre: Fantasy Adventure
  Release Date:  June 2, 2015
  Publisher:  HarperCollins
  Imprint: Harper Voyager Impulse
  Pages: 192
  List Price: 1.99 USD

Part II of the Saga of the Redeemed picks up right where The Iron Ring left off …

After Tyvian Reldamar gets double-crossed by his business partner, he is affixed with an iron ring that prevents the wearer from any evildoing. Not one to be deterred by this set-back, he quickly puts into motion a plan for revenge—one that will use every dirty trick in the book.
But things are never simple for mastermind Tyvian, especially not after he uncovers a sinister plot: evil wizard Banric Sahand is planning to decimate the city of Freegate. Now Tyvian must learn to work with—and rely on—his motley crew of accomplices including an adolescent pickpocket, an obese secret-monger, a fearsome gnoll, and a Mage Defender...who is also trying to get him arrested.
Time is running out for Tyvian’s plan for revenge-while the fate of the city hangs in the balance.

On the day Auston Habershaw was born, Skylab fell from space. When he learned of this as a small boy, it pretty much sealed his authorial fate.

After over a decade's worth of odd jobs, part-time passions, and pointless diversions, Auston now teaches English at a university and writes novels and stories all the rest of the time. He lives in the city of his birth, Boston, Massachusetts, with his wife, dog, and two lovely little girls.

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