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Pretty PInk Ribbons by K.L. Grayson Blog Tour with 5 star review and Giveaway

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Title: Pretty Pink Ribbons
Author: K.L. Grayson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 24, 2015


Dying . . .
Dead . . .
Deceased . . .
It doesn’t matter how many times I say it or how many different names I give it, it still means the same thing. One of these days I’ll be nothing but a passing memory, a familiar face in a forgotten photo. But there's three things I need before this life of mine ends . . .

I need to tell him I love him more than life itself.
I need to feel the strength of his arms wrapped around me just one more night.
Most of all, I need him to forgive me.

Eight years ago I broke the heart of the only man I’ve ever loved and today I’m moving home in hopes that he’ll let me put it back together. I’m not sure how many breaths I have left, but I’ll use each and every last one fighting for what I destroyed.

My name is Laney Jacobs and this is my journey.

Wow,this book just blew me away. It was so much more emotional than I expected. It really made you think about what you would do if you thought you were going to die. What would you change? How would those that are there to support you feel? I'll admit to shedding some tears. Not just those that stream down your cheeks, but a full body, shaking sob. Emotional roller coaster doesn't begin to describe this book. 

In the beginning I found it difficult to feel the emotion between Laney and Levi. But then again, he was holding so much contempt for her, it's not wonder I didn't feel it. He didn't feel it either. 

Laney is such a strong character. She doesn't let anything get in her way. But she has a caring heart. She tries her best to protect those around her from her suffering.

If you are one to look at the ending to see what's going to happen, I wouldn't suggest it with this book. I don't normally do that, but I needed to know how this one turned out. The suspense was just too much for me. Let's just say, I picked the wrong spot to sneak a peek at and it affected how I viewed the book. 

I didn't realize this book was a part of a series until I went to post my review on Amazon. It can absolutely be read as a stand alone. At no point did I think there was other books that I needed to read. 

I would highly recommend this book to absolutely anyone who loves emotional books. Just have the tissues nearby, you're going to need them.

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“I wish it was someone else,” she croaks, swallowing hard. “There are thousands of bad people in the world, but it happened to you.” I watch her eyes fill with tears and then I look away. It’s pathetic of me really; that I’m unable to look my best friend in the face when it’s obvious that she is struggling with this almost as much as I am. But I’ve cried my fair share of tears and although I’m certain my tear ducts have yet to dry up, I don’t want to cry tonight. Somehow I know that if I watch Mia break, then I’ll shatter right along with her.

“I’m glad it’s me.” She gasps, startled by my words, and I rush to try and explain. “If it wasn’t me, it would be someone else, and I would never wish this upon someone else. You know that saying that God will only give you what you can handle?”

She nods.

“Sometimes I tell myself that he just thinks I’m really strong and I can handle it, whereas someone else couldn’t.”

“Does that help?” she asks. “Does that make you feel better about it?”

“No, but it eases my mind. Sometimes when I’m having a good day, it brings me peace, however temporary it may be. But no, it doesn’t make me feel better.”

“Peace,” she whispers, seemingly trying the word on for size. “I want you to have peace.”

K.L. GraysonK.L. Grayson resides in a small town outside of St. Louis, MO. She is entertained daily by her extraordinary husband, who will forever inspire every good quality she writes in a man. Her entire life rests in the palms of six dirty little hands, and when the day is over and those pint-sized cherubs have been washed and tucked into bed, you can find her typing away furiously on her computer. She has a love for alpha-males, brownies, reading, tattoos, sunglasses, and happy endings…and not particularly in that order.

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