Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Billionaire's Kisses by Julie Farrell Release Day with 5 star review

SPECIAL 99 CENTS LAUNCH PRICE! Warning: This story will fuel your billionaire obsession! It includes hot and steamy sex scenes, orgasms a-plenty, and a handsome man who always gets what he wants.

Operations director Amy Carter is a successful London businesswoman with a huge problem - the bullying New York firm Quinlan Brothers is ruthlessly taking over her company - and it’s likely that corporate heads will roll. Amy’s determined to fight for her colleagues, but when she arrives in New York City and meets Adam Quinlan, it becomes clear that he's interested in a more personal level of negotiation.

Billionaire playboy and CEO, Adam Quinlan, always gets what he wants: he’s handsome, confident, and loves to see women climaxing in bed. When the beautiful Amy catches his eye, he makes up his mind that he will seduce her. There’s a problem though: his dead brother’s last request was that he should buy Amy’s company in order to complete the project he was working on. Adam knows redundancies are likely, but giving Amy what she wants in the bedroom quickly becomes more important to him than agreeing to her demands in the boardroom.

Amy wants more from a man than just mind-blowing, no-strings sex. And she certainly doesn’t want anything from the no-good, double-crossing Adam Quinlan. So why can’t she stop thinking about him, in and out of the bedroom and boardroom? And what’s happening to confirmed billionaire bachelor Adam? Is he really changing his ways and falling in love?

Whatever the reason, Adam Quinlan is about to discover that there are some things money can’t buy...

Oh to be in Amy's shoes. On one hand, she gets to travel to the United States. Unfortunately, it's because the company she works for is being taken over by a big New York company. She has a hot billionaire interested in her. At first he's willing to do the no strings attached thing, but quickly changes his mind. Who wouldn't want that?

Her job is to ensure the sale goes as her boss wants it too. Amy is a confident business woman who knows what she wants. She challenges Adam and Adam loves a challenge.

There is more to this story than just boy trying to get girl. Amy's company feels like a family to her. She's there to protect them. When doubts about the Quinlan brother's honesty come to her attention, who will she trust?

The sex scenes kept me reading while the plot twists kept me intensely interested. I would highly recommend this book to anyone.

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