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Uncovering You: The Complete First Boxed Set ($0.99) by Scarlett Edwards Blitz with giveaway

Uncovering You The Complete First Boxset

ONLY $0.99!!

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Join Lilly and J.S. as they begin their twisted tale of love and revenge. The Uncovering You Boxed Set includes the first three, full novels of the shocking dark romance series that has readers captivated all over the world.
Uncovering You 1: The Contract
Uncovering You 2: Submission
Uncovering You 3: Resistance


"A vague longing grows deep inside me. The need for submission. A natural willingness ground into me by the madness taking hold of my mind. I feel it rising. The demonic form consumes me from the womb, sapping my strength, and breaking my resolve."
“I refuse to give up in despair, even if my entire self-preservation mechanism is on high alert. Despair is what whoever brought me here wants me to feel."
“A collar with no leash. A prison with no walls. And a life stripped of meaning. Resist and die. Or submit, and give my life away."
“You may sign when ready. Know that my patience is wearing thin. I am displeased with the state of your body. Your malnourishment is troubling. Until you sign and come under my care, I can do nothing to help. ~ J.S."
“I don’t want to think about the implications of the contract. I won’t sign it. I will never become someone else property. I’d rather die first."
“A prisoner has no purpose. A prisoner has no choice. But a concubine, on the other hand? She always has a choice."
“Our lives are defined by our actions, Lilly. Luck is a fallacy for the weak of mind and will. Luck is what those people who cannot own their actions point to when considering the success of failure of their lives."

Book Descriptions

Uncovering You 1: The Contract

When I wake up in a dark, unfamiliar room, I have no idea what's waiting for me in the shadows. My imagination conjures up demons of the worst kind.
Reality is much worse:
A collar with no leash. A prison with no walls. And a life stripped of meaning.
I am presented with a vile contract and asked to sign. It outlines the terms of my servitude. The only information I have about my captor are the two small letters inked at the bottom:
Armed with only my memories, I must do everything I can to avoid becoming ensnared in his twisted mind games. But in the end, it all comes down to one choice:
Resist and die.
Or submit, and sign my life away.

Uncovering You 2: Submission

I have survived the worst. I have come out of the darkness with my sanity intact.
Now, I get to meet the monster holding me here. For the first time since my captivity began, I get to meet Stonehart.
Whatever he wants, I'll be ready. The collar may be tight around my neck, but I will not be a prisoner.
A prisoner has no choice. A prisoner has no purpose.
But a concubine, on the other hand? She always has a choice.
And today, I choose to fight.

Uncovering You 3: Resistance

Jeremy Stonehart is a cruel, vindictive man. He wants me to submit. He wants me to give in.
I will never give in. I will never yield. No matter what he subjects me to, I will always fight.
I will not forget my resolve.
Let Stonehart think me broken. I am not so easily deterred as that. No matter what he puts me
through, I will always remember my own strength. I will always remember that in the end, I have
control of the one thing he really wants:
My mind.
I will never give him that.
I will resist.


These books contain scenes of intense emotional and physical cruelty. Readers with sensitivity to such subjects are advised to proceed with caution.

I’m Scarlett Edwards. I wrote my first book as a college sophomore. After six months of edits, it made its debut as Yours to Savor.
That was at the start of 2013. I’ve written more books since then. You can find them all here.
It’s funny how quickly life changes. I used to think I’d need a degree to get a “Real Job.” Then I wrote a few books, they got somewhat popular, and now I’m living the life as a full-time romance author.
Thanks to all my readers for making my dreams come true!

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