Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pulled Beneath by Marni Mann Book Blitz with 5 star review and Giveaway

What happens when you uncover years of secrets and find out everything you thought to be true was a lie?

Drew Stevens finds her world turned upside down when her parents are brutally murdered. Soon after, she learns she inherited a property in Bar Harbor, Maine, from recently deceased grandparents that she believed had died when she was a baby.

Drew travels north to settle her grandparents’ estate, but finds more questions than answers as the truth starts unraveling. What she didn't expect to find was Saint, whose reputation is as tumultuous as his past. But the very thing that brings them together is the same thing that keeps them emotionally caged.

With Saint's scars so deep and Drew's so fresh, can the pair heal from their painful wounds or will they be pulled beneath the darkness of their pasts?


This book was a surprise to me. I didn't expect to like it as much as I did. Honestly, at first, I thought I would pass on it altogether, but I had a gap in my schedule and decided to give this one  a try.  I started reading it last night and didn't put it down until it was done. 

Drew's life sucked me in from the beginning. We are there when she finds out what happens to her parents, living the emotions right along with her. Luckily, we didn't have to experience her grieving process, I don't think I could have handled the tears from that. Just when you think she is getting her life back together some, she's dealt another blow. The grandparents she didn't know were still alive left her their estate after their recent death. Lucky for her, she befriends several people in the little town in Maine that are willing to help her settle the estate, but they don't seem to be very willing to share the dynamics of her family secrets. Although, she didn't seem to want to pursue them too aggressively either. Many weeks passed and she didn't seek out anyone that knew her family. But then again, if she had pursued it more, one of the main plots would have been over too quickly.

Saint is so mysterious. He seems to live a solitary life, left alone, by choice, to battle his demons. He finds refuge from his past in the water, something he has in common with Drew. He feels he is no good for Drew so he does his best to keep her at arms length. Saint has faced a lot of loss in his life, just like Drew. They understand each other without having to say the words. 

Like I said, this book pulled me in from the beginning and kept my interest to the very end. I would recommend it to anyone who loves a great romance story.

Top 5 Things - Saint

1. Saint’s smile is subtle with a bit of astonishment, and his voice is as rough as the visual impression he creates. He’s tall and broad, with deep caramel irises and thick black stubble that covers his cheeks.

2. Cages are tattooed over his entire back. They serve as a constant reminder of that time in his life. It was a dark, damaging place that he hopes to never return to. If he does…he won’t survive.

3. Saint isn’t attracted to perfection. His last girlfriend had a scar that covered her entire cheek. He’s looking for someone who understands his level of pain, who has a certain touch of darkness, and who has been pulled beneath the waves.

4. He owns the most successful lobster pound and distribution center in the state of Maine, though one would never know his level of success because he doesn’t flaunt it. He doesn’t really spend much of his money, either. Since making the decision to change his life, he keeps to himself and doesn’t allow anyone in. He laughs at the rumors of him that float around town. The assumptions, the accusations, none of those matter to him.

5. Even though he spends all day working on a lobster boat, he still wants to spend more time on the water. So he lives on a boat that’s docked in the sea outside his grandparent’s house. And every night, regardless of the weather or the season, he goes for a swim.

I’m a New Englander at heart and now a Floridian, inspired by the sandy beaches and hot pink sunsets of Sarasota. As a writer of erotic romance, new adult and literary fiction, I tap a mainstream appeal and shake worldwide taboos, taking my readers on a dark, harrowing, and breathtaking journey. When I’m not nose deep in my laptop, I’m scouring for chocolate, traveling, reading, or walking my four-legged children.


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