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Second Chances by Annie Edmonds Book Blitz with Giveaway

Second Chances Blitz

second chances sammy's story grs cover
Book Title: Second Chances Sammy's Story
Author: Annie Edmonds
Genre: Erotic Romance
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Samantha Raine was widowed at age thirty and now two years later she wanted more out of life than what she had in New Jersey. When her two best friends Kelly and Garrett offered her a job to watch their Florida beach home for three months while they were away on vacation she knew she had to take the chance to see if the change in scenery was what she needed to start her new life.

Jake Monroe was a well-established architect and builder who lived on Siesta Key in South west Florida. He was also part owner of a private BDSM club called Desire. He knew Kelly and Garrett because they were members at Desire, he became great friends with them as he remodeled their home.

Each day that Jake came to work the couple would bring up their friend Sammy from New Jersey and after hearing just about everything there was to hear about this single young, beautiful woman for almost two years he was ready to meet Samantha. Only Sammy didn’t know her best friends had plans for her with the most eligible bachelor in Siesta Key. And that he was a self-made millionaire.
The only fear Jake had was if Sammy was willing to leave her vanilla sex life and be able to handle the kinky sex that he was now accustomed too. Garrett assured him that Sammy was the perfect submissive only she didn’t know it yet.

Sammy wanted to see and do everything she was tired of saying no to life. She knew that forgiving herself for letting a man take control of her life was the first step in moving forward, and she vowed to never let that happen again she was ready willing and able to go after her second chance at life and love.


lbi 2012 005I found my happily ever after 28 yrs ago and married him. I am also a daughter, a sister, an aunt who loves her nieces and nephews, and a friend. I have lived with chronic pain for 25yrs due to spinal cord injuries. I am a Jersey girl born and bred. if I had a choice I would live at the beach as it has always been a place that soothes my soul, and gives me so much joy. I love to write and decided it was time to get serious and now I am an Indie who has published my first Erotic Romance novel. I also love photography, gardening, collecting treasures from the sea and I am a foodie that loves to cook.

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“Holy shit its six thirty, I wish Kelly was here, boy that was nice to hear a sexy man’s voice on the other end of my cell.”  She could hear Kelly and Garrett; well Sammy we said that this was the trip that was going to change our life.  She laughed.  This guy Jake knows Kelly and Garrett so he must be good people, right?  Oh god!  What should I wear?  She went over to the computer and Googled oyster bars on Siesta Key to see what this place was like; was it casual?  She only brought one dress so she hoped that she didn’t have to where it the first night she was here.
She started to get a little nervous.  She told herself “It’s just a drink Sammy.”  She needed to take another shower after having sex with herself and getting so wet from the kink room.
“He is friends with Garrett & Kelly, Does that mean he is kinky too?  I need to send a text to Kelly and hope that she gets it”
Kel, Jake Monroe called and left a message to meet him at the oyster bar.  OMG!  Wish you were here, what should I wear?  If u get this before eight, please text or call, love you.”
She had an hour and a half before she had to be there “Time to move it Sammy.” A glass of wine would calm her down.  As she poured the glass she thanked her angels for getting her a date so quickly, she giggled.
The oyster bar on Siesta Key, from what the website said; it was a casual, nice little local bar and restaurant, so her tight jeans and a light blue halter top should do it.  “Sandals or heels, heels would give me a few inches and being only five foot two I need a few inches.”  She started to laugh out loud, “Get your mind out of the gutter Sammy.”  Then she looked up and said to her angels; “You work fast, now please don’t let me make a fool out of myself.”  
She changed a few times and then ended up in her tight jeans and blue halter top anyway.  She brushed her long hair and left it down, then grabbed a pair of hoop earrings.  She sprayed her new bottle of perfume everywhere.  Then looked into that basket on the bathroom counter and threw a few condoms in her purse and was laughing all the way to the front door.
With two sets of keys in her hand she opened the garage door to find a white Range Rover and a silver S class Mercedes, “Holy shit!  This place just keeps getting better by the minute.”  
At home she drove a silver compact two door, nothing fancy; it got her from point A to point B.  It had air conditioning heat and a radio with a CD player and cloth seats.  This was going to be a treat.  
She picked the Range Rover, the Mercedes would get her chance, either one was a huge upgrade to what she was used to.  She was riding in style for the first time in her life.  She was actually living a dream and if someone was to pinch her she would have to scream.
She pulled up to the local oyster bar and restaurant.  It looked like a nice place and maybe this was where she could go for New Year’s Eve.  She found an empty spot on the street and she could see the clear white twinkling lights hanging everywhere.  There was an outside bar with blue awnings.  It was a beach shack motif on the outside.  She loved these kinds of watering holes; there was one on every corner at the Jersey shore.
She could of worn flip flops and cut offs and been right at home.  But this was a great place to meet someone for the first time.  There were people everywhere so it was safe.  She walked to the end of the bar and stood there for only a few minutes before she saw a good looking guy with brown wavy hair and streaks from the sun and a huge smile walking toward her; “Hello Samantha I’m Jake Monroe welcome to Siesta Key.”  
She smiled and as she went to shake his hand he took her’s and brought it up to his lips than kissed it, he never took his eyes off of hers, and she was shaking.  “Oh my god Did he just kiss my hand, this guy is drop dead gorgeous and very tall, his arms are huge, he must work out focus Sammy focus”.
She just lost her breath in his crystal blue eyes that were mesmerizing just like Kelly said.  The scent of his cologne was giving her palpations, he smelled like a man should.  “Hi, Jake, nice to meet you,” “Samantha I am so glad we finally meet.”  
She was gazing into his amazing eyes “I figured if you were friends of the O’Hara’s that it had to be alright for me to come out for a drink.  Besides Kelly has your name on a list she made for me of people to contact if I needed anything.”
Sammy lowered her head to calm down and then she looked up at him “Actually Jake, you are number one thru four on that list.”  She giggled, “Am I talking too much?”  
“Samantha you’re not talking too much, actually I am stunned that Kelly has me on the one through four lists.”  They both laughed, as she calmed down.  Jake had such a warmth about him, he asked her what she was drinking, “A white wine spritzer please.”
He motioned to the hot tan bartender and he came right over; “Keith this beautiful woman is Samantha”, he smiled “Hi Samantha what can I get for you?”, Jake spoke right up “She would like a white wine spritzer the good stuff, and can you get us a couple shots of Patrone.”  Keith couldn’t take his eyes off of Sammy and then he looked at Jake, “Sure thing Jake, why don’t you both have a seat and a waitress will bring you your order.”
As Jake touched the small of her back he moved her in the direction of a nice table away from Keith the bartender, and he pulled out a chair for her and sat down across from her.  She was impressed.  “I have to tell you Samantha I have the advantage here, The O’Hara’s have told me a little about you.  And when they told me you were coming to watch their home I was going to make sure I reached out to you.  I want to thank you for showing up tonight, I hate eating alone.”  
A waitress brought over their drinks and some oysters and a few other appetizers to nibble on, “I hope you don’t mind me ordering.  I have a habit of taking control.”  “I don’t mind one bit, I actually like a man who takes control.”
She giggled as he got a huge smile on his face and she started to blush, “I mean I like a man who is sure of himself, sorry I am a little rusty and a little nervous.”  He smiled, “You’re doing fine, Samantha” and he touched her hand.  “I haven’t gone out with a man in a long time.”
The evening was going great.  They were laughing and once she had a few drinks she relaxed.  Jake realized that she was everything and more of what he had been told.  Samantha was even more beautiful in person.  And the way she dropped her head and put it to the side, she was turning him on.  Garrett was right she was very submissive and she had no idea, he thought she was sexy as hell.
And he loved hearing about her from her.  Even though he already knew pretty much everything there was to know about her he listened as this beautiful woman told him about her life back in New Jersey.
The only thing that Sammy knew about Jake was that he was first thru fourth on Kelly’s list to call if anything went wrong.  That he had a black lab named Rocky and that he was very handsome with amazing blue eyes you could get lost in.  She was learning all about this very handsome man Jake Monroe and she liked what she was hearing.  She kept thinking; why didn’t Kelly say more about Jake?  
“Samantha it’s surprising that some man has not swept you off your feet in the last two years.  She put her head down and to the side, “I would have had to put myself out there for that to happen.”  He lifted her head up with one finger, “I guess you weren’t ready Samantha.”

second chances sammy's story grs cover

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