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Ripping Pages by Rachel Rae Blog Tour + Giveaway

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Release Date: October 25th


Sweet, shy and a bit goofy, Tinley Michaels has it all: a great mother, a wonderful, sexy, loving boyfriend, and her whole life ahead of her. One day her world is turned upside down when the love of her life suddenly leaves her without reason. She is left broken and vulnerable and vows to never let a man destroy her again. Months later, she decides to dust herself off and finally realize her dream of being a Broadway star. With nothing holding her back, she leaves everything she's ever known in Texas to start her new life in New York City. She moves in with her cousin, makes some great new friends, gets a steady job and an audition for a part in a small theater. Things are heading in the right direction. 

Tinley isn’t looking for anyone. She is jaded but still hopelessly in love with her first love. That’s when, by chance, she meets Van Whitaker, the smooth talking sexy lead singer of the best-selling rock band, Ripping Pages. She labels him a man-whore/rock-n-roll douchebag immediately. Van tries to show her that he’s no longer that guy and that he sees something in Tinley worth trying to be better for. Even though he makes her feel things she’s only read about in the hundreds of romance novels she’s shamelessly addicted to, she is scared he will leave her even more broken than she already is. Should she give this gorgeous rock star the time of day? And what will she do when she comes face to face with her past and she must make a decision that will change her future and her forever?

What happens when the page you ripped out of the book of your life suddenly tries to put itself back into the story?


My Review

I have to admit, the prologue ticked me off. I wanted to understand just what made James completely walk out of Tinley's life. He not only walked out, he picked up and moved from his apartment without telling her he was going and never contacted her. Except for an envelop he left behind near the door. An envelop that had a note that didn't explain anything other than he supposedly loved her and he didn't do this to hurt her (yeah right, like breaking up with someone this way wouldn't hurt them????). And then to include the engagement ring that they had talked about. How heartless to break up with her AND leave the darn ring. What was that supposed to mean?  I could tell that Tinley genuinely loved James and was having trouble moving on, but who could blame her. Their relationship left a lot of unanswered questions. I knew there had to be something more to this and I just couldn't stop reading until I found out what it was.

In comes Van. What's not to love about Van? He's sexy, he's tattooed,  he's a rocker, and he has a voice that captivates Tinley  before she knew who he was. He and Tinley develop a hot relationship, you could feel the sparks flying from the beginning. Both of them are influenced by their past relationships, but I just felt they could work things out. And then James came back.... while Van was on tour, leaving Tinley alone with James.

Luckily, Tinley stays faithful to Van and their relationship grows. A unexpected event seems to bring Tin and Van closer together, until the unthinkable happens. Unfortunately, it's Van's past that ruins things at this point. Can Tinley and Van work things out? Or will she realize that she really loves James and he's the one she should be with? The only way to find out is to read this fabulous book.

It took me less than 24 hours for me to complete this book. It was that good. I definitely suffered a book hangover at work the next day.

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About Rachel

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Rachel Rae is a devoted wife to her high school sweetheart and momma to three unbelievably gorgeous children. She enjoys reading all things romance and writing about love and happily ever afters. When she’s not engrossed in a good book and obsessing over fictional boyfriends, you can find her gossiping over coffee or wine with frozen berries, goofing around with her sister, watching trashy reality TV and facebooking entirely too much. She is addicted to music, chocolate, Christmas, lip gloss, glitter and all things girly. She lives in Texas with her family.
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