Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gone for a SoldierGone for a Soldier by Kathleen Kelly Garlock
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I admired Lucy throughout this entire book. The author developed this character so well, I felt an attachment for Lucy and kept reading to find out what happened to her. Having a woman pretend to be and live among men would be tricky. As I was reading, I found myself saying things like "how did Lucy deal with______?" and the author came through with answers throughout the book.

My husband enjoyed the fact that I kept asking him questions about the Civil War since I remember very little about it from school. By understanding my history, I was able to visualize the story better. Although the war plays a very important part of the story, it's the characters that stand out more. So many wonderful people come into her life (a few figure out her true identity, but most don't know, they assume she is just young or a rather feminine man). They support her and protect her, just like friend should. That's not to say it was all roses, it was during a war after all. There is fighting, disease, and death. Ohhh, and love...

Overall, it was a great that I would recommend to anyone.

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